2014 Calendar

Showing off a few photos of the 2014 Quilt Square Calendar.  There are four pages with three months on each, and they measure 12.5″x18.”  Each of the 4 squares can be trimmed for framing- they fit in a 12″x12″ frame.  I was initially inspired by the quilt squares you often see painted on barns in the Northeast.

I used a new method of screen printing for these.  To make the geometric shapes, I used an x-acto knife to cut contact paper for each layer, then stuck one to the screen.  I was able to print through the stencil, and didn’t have to use emulsion or expose the screen at all.  I didn’t have to touch a computer to make the quilt patterns- and it was awesome.

I’m really in love with the transparent inks, and how new colors are created where they overlap- I printed each in 3 layers, with 3 different colors.  I went through a lot of transparent medium printing these.

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