New work- coming soon!

After spending the last six months separated from my screen printing supplies, I have been printing non-stop for the past week!  I made the trip to Virginia and spent some time printing in my parent’s barn.


dust cushions every surface

 Aaaannd I finally have my supplies back again, set up in the garage.  I had planned to post a before-and-after shot of the garage, because I’ve spent much of the past few days cleaning it out.  It definitely hasn’t had a thorough cleaning in a long time…ever maybe?  I regret that I did not photograph the tiny perfect lizard skeleton I found perched on a windowsill, or the ancient 10 foot long electric racetrack, or the fake fire logs, or the 2 TVs, 2 lawnmowers, 2 toaster ovens or 2 microwaves that had all found refuge in the garage.  And even though we lugged a massive pile of  bulky junk to the street for pick up and filled two trashcans full of smaller trash, the after picture doesn’t look that different than the before.  Maybe in a few weeks I’ll have it looking more presentable, and then I’ll show you.

As soon as I photograph all the new prints, I will have them up for sale in the etsy shop.  You can look forward to

- 2013 Calendar  yesssssss

- “Nest/Hibernation” series installments 1-3

- Poppy field prints- circles, cards and small prints

- Black/Gold horses in 2 different formats

..and more!


There are more whale submarine prints up in the shop NOW!  This very minute!  What are you waiting for?  GO!

some sneak peeks to whet your appetites:

circle poppies and the 2013 calendar

golden head horse screen print

bear pile print

poppy field card and fox nest detail

I’m so looking forward to replenishing the shop, finally.  Look for that stuff somewhere around the end of the week.



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  1. Katie Schmid says:

    you still amaze the crap outta me. needing some of your work on my walls pronto.

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