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I can assure you that you are fulfilling a berry’s highest life goal by picking it off the bush and putting it straight into your mouth.    It’s all they want out of life- to be that irresistible.

Doodling around at home and…green ice cream?  (I put my green spinach smoothie in the ice-cream maker.)

My little brother suddenly grew up.  I couldn’t stop double-taking. (but he still loves legos.)

chandeliers: at home, and a gorgeous Chihuly at the Corning Museum of Glass

stopped to say hello to the cows on the way to the finger lakes drive in movie theater, and popped in on a honeybee lecture at the lavender festival here in skaneateles

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  1. Gretchen says:

    So many sweet thoughts come through my mind. Your brother is suddenly older and the sweet cows remind me of my own. Come see us soon. love the pics and the new look to everything!! oxo

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