Hello, Skaneateles.

At the beginning of April Eric and I started talking seriously about him accepting a job in Syracuse, NY with StartFast.  It was Master’s week and I was about to start a 70-hour work week of all-nighters, and something in us just snapped.  ”What the heck,” we said, staring excitedly at each other. “Let’s just do it.”

A mere five weeks later, after a frenzy of packing and goodbyes and sketchy u-hauls, we pulled in next to Eric’s parent’s cottage on Lake Skaneateles, our home for the rest of the summer.

Eric is working long hours (and loving it!) as programs coordinator for Startfast, a start-up accelerator program in Syracuse, which is about 40 minutes from the cottage.  I am making art and working a couple days a week at Wide Awake Bakery in Trumansburg, which is the opposite direction from Eric’s work, just past Ithaca.  I’m learning about baking bread in a beautiful wood-burning oven from two crazy/awesome guys, working with local flours from Farmer Ground, and even making some cookies and dessert-type stuff to sell along with the bread.  It feels great to jump in to life in the Fingerlakes so quickly and easily.  My main hurdle now is to develop a schedule for my “drawing days” to make sure I’m as productive as possible.

I’m completely blown away by the beauty that I encounter every day, whether it’s waking up to the shimmering lake, driving through rolling hills of green farm land, or packing up loaves of crackling bread, fresh from the oven.  I CANNOT WAIT for firefly season to start!  They are incredible here.

Oh and also, Eric came home the other night with a moped!  It runs well, but it’s covered in rust.  He found it for really cheap on Craigslist; a good summer project for us.

More updates about the darling little towns that dot the roads around the lakes to come!

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  1. Gretchen says:

    Hooray for flexibility !! So glad you are enjoying yourselves… Oxoxo

  2. ellieeugenia says:

    Beautiful, I wish I could have seen you before you left, but life threw us some insanity. Love you and hope everything is perfect there.

  3. Elisa C says:

    uhhh… When can we visit!? Is there a spare room? What’s the nearest airport?! I miss and love you soo much!

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