Headin’ out West!

A lot going on, folks.  This very day Eric and I are setting forth from Louisiana for an epic trip that starts in LA for Eric’s sister Christine’s senior thesis show.  I’ve been looking for something to link to, cause the art she’s showing is incredible, but I guess none of it has ventured onto the internet yet.  I’ll share some photos when we get back in town.

Our plan is to spend time with Eric’s family this weekend, then the art show on Monday, and then on Tuesday Eric and I are renting a JEEP WRANGLER yessss and driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco!!!!  We’ve bought a double-wide sleeping bag, and we’re camping a few nights on the way up the coast in places like Big Sur.  You may be sure that photo-ridden account of this adventure awaits you in the near future.  What am I most excited about?  Hard to say, and of course family and art time will be amazing, but right now all I can think is I’m finally going to Tartine Bakery!

Baton Rouge has really been great to me.  I got to participate in four art events in November, including an open house at the N where I rent studio space and White Light Night art walk on Government Street.  Both events were raging successes; I felt so overwhelmed with positive feedback and supportive friends.  It’s so good to see people’s reactions to the work, AND to get off the internet for awhile.  Often I feel like gettin’ BLOGGED or sellin’ on ETSY are the only indicators of progress, and it’s demoralizing when everyone who ever was awesome’s work is just a click away.  When I only pay attention to what’s happening online, it’s easy to think my work is unmemorable, but getting some exposure in real life totally gave me the burst of confidence I need.  People are so lovely here.

So much more to tell you, but now I must pack and help Eric finish up a project.  Those of you in the know may well guess what that project is.

In the meantime, enjoy some new art, and hop on over to Etsy where the pieces are available for purchase!

I made another cutaway animal- and there’s more to come!  This one is a Bird Airship, piloted and powered by little aviators.

The image measures 26″x14″ and it printed in black ink on heavy stonehenge paper.

Next I was inspired to draw my lovely kitchen aid mixer which has facilitated so many delicious baked good and frostings.  Mine is actually black, but I always wanted the pale green one, so I made this wish-fulfilling print.  I’m thinking about doing a series “mixers of the 20th century” including a hand crank whisk and others.

I really like the texture on this print, which was achieved by burning my screen in the sun with thin paper soaked with vegetable oil to make it translucent.  A new trick for me, and I love the results.

I’m off to my adventures!  Have a good week!

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