Happy New Year!

Let’s ignore the fact that it’s January 13, my New Years starts tomorrow anyway.  I’ve been putting off starting my resolutions, and I’ve decided tomorrow is the day.  It was supposed to start last Monday, but one of my resolutions includes eating healthy, and Eric and I planned a dinner date on Tuesday, so…I put it off a week.  I mean really I’ve been putting this off since Thanksgiving, every day saying with a shrug “Diet starts tomorrow!”

I’m going to try to eat mostly raw fruits and veggies- lots of salads and green smoothies.  And WAAAAY less pudding.* My immediate and extended family banded together and got me a Vitamix blender for Christmas, and I’m super pumped to start using it.  Another goal this year is to finally run a half-marathon.  (Technically, I did run one before, if by run you mean I ran four miles of the Nashville Rock n Roll half marathon and then trudged the rest of the way, running only in short spurts, being passed up even by the shirtless guy wearing jean shorts and cowboy boots and a oversize foam cowboy hat…)  The goal is to run 13.1 miles with out stopping.

I also have big goals for my artwork this year.  For some reason I’ve been shy about posting a lot of the stuff I made in the past 6 month.  I’ve posted all the new prints I put in my Etsy shop, but I’m moving away from screen printing in a lot of ways, and working in paint and ink and collage a lot more.  I’m still feeling my way, but I hope to show you a lot more of what I’ve been spending my time on.

Other resolutions include typical (for me) ones like get up earlier, less internet, less procrastinating, write more, etc.  Did you make any resolutions?

Tune in soon for posts including but not limited to:  Baton Rouge is One Soggy Mess, 500 Chilly Miles in a Convertible, and My Husband Acquires Yet Another Hobby.

I hope 2013 is our best year ever!



* Confession: out of the last few months, there has not been a single week that I did not make pudding.  Sometimes more than once.  It started with chocolate and moved onto rice and finally to more elaborate eclair pie and dirt pudding desserts.  People who don’t like pudding just BAFFLE me.

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  1. ellie says:

    I can’t wait to see, I feel like jan. 13th is a good day to start the year. love you!!

  2. Miriam says:

    You grew up on pudding, that’s why! :o ) Have you ever tried the raw recipe for chocolate pudding that is made with avocado?

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