fresh-churned goat cheese and roasted cherry ice cream with homemade waffle cone on 4th of July (recipes from jeni’s splendid ice cream)

saw my first polo match (skaneateles vs cortland)

pretty much a bunch of people galloping around on horses while waving heavy sticks.  the announcer warned that spectators sitting on the sidelines that it’s not against the rules for the players to jump the low wall to chase an errant ball.

early evening dough shaping at wide awake bakery.  love this place.

exciting news:  you can pit cherries with a bobby pin!

sitting in Eric’s office in Syracuse, I consume a lot of goldfish crackers.

we stayed in ithaca last week, and I took over the table in linda’s lovely mural-covered dining room

Eric’s family is here this week.  I’m lucky that they all love making and eating delicious food as much as I do.  Fourth of July week is always filled with tasty pies and crazy ice creams and savory delights.  And chocolate.  And tonight we’re going to a baseball game in Syracuse!

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