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Cool stuff that has happened since the last update, which since I have been busy/the worst at blogging, I’m squandering all on one mega blog post:

I made a flower piñata for the Gather grand opening.  Gather is a coworking space/boutique/coffee shop in Cary owned and run by the super-talented Michelle Smith.

And yes, it was smashed.

Showed a painting at the VAE in Raleigh.

The super hip/classy/awesome home and garden store associated with Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, Terrain, picked up my Poppy Calendar!  You can see it on their website here!  I’m so proud :)

I went to NYC with Leah

We went for the IAM Inhabit conference, and my mother in law Linda came too.

At Inhabit, I saw incredible performances and heard inspiring talks, which was already awesome, but I also got to work with some really talent people who made a community meal event called Supper.  The menu was created and prepared by Katy and husband of The Pixie and the Scout, and Scott with Pilot Projects designed the tables with really inventive 12+ foot trough serving trays.  Meaghan Ritchey headed it all up and I did the illustrations for the website and designed and screen printed menus for each table setting.  There were four different variations, so much fun.  (P.S. the food was DIVIIIINE and Katy is a GEM and I can’t wait to work with her on more projects.)

I completed my 2014 Screen Print Quilt Quarterly calendar.  It’s ready to go on Etsy.  I’ll post more pics of it another time.

ALSO- I made a huge drawing/collage/print, Above and Below, for the Durham Storefront Project that I installed last night in the window of Beyu Cafe downtown, but it deserves a post all of its own.  Coming at you later this week.


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