Augusta Farmers Market Poster 2011

I love farmers markets.  All of them.  Growing up, I sold blueberries at the market in Blacksburg, VA every Saturday.  It was instant gratification- people loved what I had to sell.  Here in Augusta, I’m fortunate enough to be in the same situation- people want the bread I bake.  I don’t have to be a salesman or push it on people, they come crowding over.  So even though I am majorly sleep deprived every Saturday when you see me at the market, know that I LOVE, LOVE being there.

I also love posters, and if I ever saw a farmers market poster (for any market, anywhere) I would buy it up quick.  (If it was awesome looking, of course.)

I was inspired by old ads from the 1940s with dancing vegetables and other inanimate objects.

6-color screen-print on cement green French paper.

I also made a small run of white versions.  You can buy the posters at the Augusta Farmers Market, downtown every Saturday, 8th and Reynolds Streets, from 8am-2pm, and in my Etsy shop.

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  1. Jeremy Mace says:

    Really awesome work. Saw your stuff on the French Paper Sample room and noticed it was from Augusta! I run NewFire Media right across the river in Hammond’s Ferry. Love your work and plan on seeing more great art! Jeremy

  2. elizabeth says:


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